The concept behind paid search marketing is quite simple; when a potential consumer searches the Web through a search engine or an affiliated partner, we ensure that relevant ad copy for your product or service is positioned in the most prominent, yet commercially viable, position in the sponsored search results.

This is done through an auctioning system with the search networks. Searchers who click on these strategically placed text ads are 'deep linked' to a website page containing information, services or products relevant to the search term used. We can then track and analyse the cost of each individual visitor, what actions they take, and what revenue they are likely to generate. These instant and tangible results can then be used to refine the campaign on an ongoing basis.

The Benefits

Search engine traffic is a non-intrusive method of Internet marketing. The majority of online and offline advertising intrudes on the audience, interrupting their activities. Search is unique in tapping into a searcher at the exact moment they are seeking knowledge or a solution. Searchers are on a mission - it's "just-in-time marketing". Search engine traffic therefore originates from a voluntary, audience-driven search. This means the visitors from a 'search results link' have not only selected your listing from among your competitors, but chose the search query that resulted in your listing being shown.

The tangible nature of a Pay per Click (PPC) marketing also provides the marketer an opportunity to generate acquisitions (sales, leads, enquiries etc...), in volume, at a fixed Cost per Acquisition (CPA). Having a fixed CPA ensures that the campaign can be self-financing and subsequently much more scalable; however, to achieve a fixed CPA, with a high volume of acquisitions, a deep understanding of the campaign metrics, how they relate to each other and how they can be positively affected is imperative. Not to mention a clearly defined campaign management process and platform to facilitate the day to day running of the campaign.



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